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A Referral Network That Will Change The Way You Work

Refer Books is an online referral network platform that enables people to build credibility in the form of professional references from their coworkers, peers, managers, teachers, and more. By doing so, a potential employer can gain a better insight into what a person is like based on the experiences of people who have worked and interacted with the candidate.

Referrals For All, All For Referrals

A candidate’s strength is more than what meets the eye in a resume. With Refer Books, anyone can consolidate their references and get them under one virtual roof by signing up and building a profile. Whether your references are from an office, job site, or a classroom, you can get the authenticity you need for your portfolio, through the right references.

A Great Stepping Stone

Landing the first job or growing to a vital level in a job can be a daunting task, especially if you lack experience. When all you have is a degree, internship certificate, or certain courses on your resume, convincing a potential employee of your strengths can seem near to impossible. With the right platform hosting your referrals, your employers can gain a one-stop look at where your strengths lie. It is also an easy way for HR managers to gain access to employees with certain characteristics based on the keywords used in their referrals.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SnapShot?

A SnapShot is an opportunity for someone to describe what it was like working with you professionally. Collect SnapShots from your peers to let hiring managers know what it is really like to work with you. Let your actions speak for themselves.